Loni from Hardoor in Isreal
“ Thanks for FAYON, we bought one set of paper trimmer, one rolling laminator and a flatbed machine, they are the perfect combination, FY-1600 help me laminating, trimmer help me cut and trimming media and foam board...
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Omar from Mounter’ Smate in U.K.
“ We are the U.K. exclusive distributor of FAYON flatbed machine, it’s a good selling products, we have sold over 60 sets in and around England in one and a half year.
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Christian from 2CT-Media in America
“ we received FAYON table round November last year, it make me impressive at my first sight on it, it’s so big but good perception! After several month of using experience, we have saved two employees.
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Kerry from Signmakers Ltd. in New Zealand
“ FAYON flatbed laminator help us greatly improving the production efficiency, machine working performance is very stable, we have threw away the old workbench, FAYON machine could be completely replaced it...
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