ISA Sign Expo

ISA Sign Expo—is the largest gathering of sign and graphics professionals, has the best exhibits offering new technology, and helps sign companies make valuable connections.
On this show,FAYON will show the 2017 version flatbed laminating machine and the high speed liner-less laminating machine. welcome to visit us! Our booth number: 329.HENAN YINGKAI TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.
ISA Sign Expo is your best opportunity to make connections with local sign companies to support your installation and production network. And, there’s no better place to source new materials to wow your national clientele. It’s the perfect time to negotiate deals and partnerships with suppliers and distributors.
Check back for details about programming and networking functions that will help you connect with potential partners.
Bring your team for training and to get more perspectives on the equipment and potential new revenue sources available throughout the show.

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